Analytics continuously drive actions and track performance over time.This actionable information allows for better organization of internal and contract resources for quicker, more efficient repairs and commissioning services. Users are empowered with the ability to optimize operations by making fact-based improvements that are proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life and improve tenant comfort.

At the Panel Shoppe, we are committed to our partners being able to enjoy the benefits that analytics will provide to their customer. We want to help you get your building analytics program off the ground. Whether it is better for you to install the analytics system yourself or host it on one of our cloud partners, The Panel Shoppe is here to ensure you succeed.

To support our analytics services, we are proud to offer: SkySpark® Analytics Software automatically analyzes data from automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. SkySpark is an open platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be continuously analyzed. SkySpark helps owners and operators find what matters™ in the data produced by their equipment systems.